Rediscover Intimacy with MePlayUPlay’s Online Adult  Toy Store

Let’s face it; everyone can use a little help in the bedroom now and again.  Monogamy is a beautiful thing, but sometimes it needs a little boost to keep things spicy and alive.  This is where we come in with our premium men’s and women’s adult toy store.

At MePlayUPlay, we understand that even the most loving couples with a healthy sex life can still benefit from a change of pace; this is why we offer both a men’s adult toy store, as well as a women’s adult toy store.

Whether heterosexual or homosexual, bisexual or transsexual we all have the same basic need for intimacy and fun.  Here at MePlayUPlay, we “get it”.  We’re passionate about women’s sexual satisfaction and men’s passion; it is our goal to provide our customers with information and products like adult play accessories, in a classy, non-judgmental, and playful environment.

While other sites focus on specifically targeting the "XXX" factor, our women’s collection and men’s range markets "III"—for intimacy.  In the end, that’s what we feel is the most important part of lovemaking.

 MePlayUPlay promises to always cater to your wildest fantasies no matter if you are looking for a women’s adult toy store, or a men’s adult toy store online.  We want to provide you with the very best in sexy lingerie, costumes, adult toys, and even advice.  In addition to our play accessories, we are Australia’s first adult toy store website to provide our customers with access to professional services from the most qualified and experienced sex therapists; including those specialising in Ayurvedic, Tantra, as well as tantric tutors, and sexologists from all across the globe.

 As an adult toy store with exciting products designed to evoke pleasure and allure, we are here to help you explore your sexuality in a safe and caring environment. We’ll help you to find new ways to explore you and your partner’s sexual desires with women’s sex accessories and men’s play products. We’ll also ensure you’re completely comfortable while you do so.  Here at MePlayUPlay, there is something for everyone.  

We’re more than just a sex shop

MePlayUPlay offers so much more than just women’s play accessories and men’s adult toys. All visitors and customers have access to the latest articles on dating and intimacy, as well as “Sexpert” advice with our easy to fill out online membership program.  Not only will you be able to browse our online article database, you will also be able to directly communicate with therapists that specialise in reviving and enhancing human intimacy, including the use of our adult play accessories.

In addition, we also offer monthly contests for our loyal members and customers, providing them with the opportunity to win a fantastic holiday for two or a sampling from the MPUP adult toy store product lines.  We encourage all of our members to send in questions, videos, and texts that you wish to discuss with the MPUP family.  Your participation makes our community better.  Just like with good sex…we can’t provide you with what you need if we don’t have your input.

 As an adult toy store, MPUP is here to help you in the bedroom, the car, the stairwell, or the kitchen floor.  Even if you don’t know what you want, but know you need something—we can help by suggesting our adult play accessories! Our customer service representatives and sexperts can advise you on what adult toys and products to purchase, or even techniques you can use to spice things up a bit.  We also promise to provide support with whatever issues you may have, be it loss of libido, premature ejaculation, or just issues with chemistry.  We are nonjudgmental, compassionate, and most-of-all believe that all things in life do well with a little dose of humour and fun.

Read our customer testimonials and reviews on our men’s adult store, as well as our women’s adult toy store.  We also encourage you to check out our large inventory of products.  Remember, we ship country-wide, using discrete packaging. We also accept all major credit cards and offer a one year warranty on our Lelo products.

Join us today to see why we’re Australia’s trusted women and men’s adult toy store.
Thank you for taking the first step in your path to sexual and romantic intimacy.

Best Wishes, 

The staff at MePlayUPlay

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