Welcome to our "Sexperts" page, here you will find our highly qualified and experienced panel of Sexual Health Professionals from around the globe who are willing to help and assist YOU in your personal development both individually and as a couple. All our selected Professionals are either contactable via email, Skype, phone or video conferencing calls to ensure YOU get the utmost attention for the service you require and any issue you may need help with.

Each of these highly trained individuals are at the top of their field and are recognized for this. We are very fortunate to have Dr. Patti Britton on board with us who is one of the most highly recognized Doctors on the planet and a world renowned expert on sexology. Dr. Patti is our leading "Sexpert" and heads up our Sexperts page, she ensures we have the very best Sexperts on board to help you what ever your needs are. 
This service is purely a "1 on 1" or a "1 on 2" basis including your partner during the consultation, so it is convenient for you to have these services in the privacy of your home, office or car if you so wish. There is a wide range of services they offer from sexual therapy, relationship advice, both personal and psychological sexual help as well as tantric techniques. Most of our Professionals have PHD's in their required field of expertise and have many years of experience to help you with the best solution to your problem.

Their contact details are all provided and you may feel free to either call or email for an initial query or to seek further treatment or ongoing therapy, which ever you feel most comfortable with. They are here to help and assist you, however small it may seem, be confident you are dealing with the best in their respected fields and are very compassionate and responsive to your sexually wellbeing. 

Here at "MEPLAYUPLAY" we are serious about ensuring you achieve the most fun you can have with yourself and your partner. Intimacy is our goal and helping you achieve this by providing you a selection of experts from around the globe is a first for an Adult website here in Australia. We are careful about who we select and bring to you, so we will ALWAYS make sure our Sexperts are able to help you and your partners issues as well as the answers you seek to get your groove back on! 

The range of products we carry are also well received in the Sex Therapist community due to their high safety rating, unique designs and function of increasing the intimacy both individually and as couples look to improve their sex drive and add some creativity to the bedroom, bathroom, kitchen......or where ever you feel its playtime.

So take some time have a read through, see who may be able to help and assist your needs or just send through a quick email for a query you may have. YOU are in control whether that be in the privacy of your home or office your sexual wellbeing and vitality plays an enormous part in your life, both subconsciously and consciously which in return allows us all to grow as individuals and as a couple whether that be straight, gay, bi or curious we are all entitled to and deserve the many benefits a healthy sex life can bring.
Please select from the following Sexperts listed below:

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