Meplayuplay provides customers with a satisfactory returns policy.  If you receive a product that you deem defective or substandard, we are more than willing to give you a full credit at meplayuplay of the payment you made or provide you with another unit of the same product for free.  The product must, however, be carefully inspected by Meplayuplay and must be found to be actually defective.  Meplayuplay will not refund the shipping costs that you incurred for sending us the faulty product for inspection. 

Meplayuplay will also gladly arrange an exchange or offer you a store credit of the same value based on the terms and conditions listed hereafter.  We emphasize, however, that Meplayuplay will not provide any cash refunds for products that are found to be sound and of standard quality.

Product Returns, Refunds & Warranty

Meplayuplay offers a replacement warranty on defective products equivalent to 14 days from the date you ordered the product.  We do not offer a satisfaction guarantee on any of our products. However, Meplayuplay gives utmost priority to providing excellent customer service and consistently strives to give satisfaction and approval to our customers. 

Please send any request for product refunds or exchange to the following address:

PO BOX 177 Balmain 2041 NSW

Meplayuplay requires customers to send a notification within 14 days after purchase of our product to give you eligibility for exchange or credit. 

Customers seeking returns or exchange will shoulder all the costs incurred for shipment.

Meplayuplay will only consider approving requests for return of goods if the products sent are unused and are still in their original packaging.  We have the right to deny any request for returns based on the assessment of Meplayuplay that goods sent have in any way been used or tampered with.

Important:  All return orders will be subject to standard postage fees.  If the return request involves a defective item, Meplayuplay will send you a replacement product for free and will be received within 5 working days after receipt of the defective product.


Customers are required to provide the following information when returning our product:

  • Your full name
  • Your order number
  • Your reason for returning the product
  • The steps you want us to undertake in resolving the issue

You will be giving us welcome help if you include the original order confirmation or invoice that was sent to you with the product.  We also request you to provide a contact number together with your return.  Giving us your contact number will be essential in speedily resolving the issue in case we need to discuss relevant matters with you.

Before you return an Adult Toy

We have outlined a few steps below that you may do to test your adult toy before you return it for being defective:

  • Check if you are using the proper type and number of batteries.
  • Check if the batteries have been placed properly. 
  • The batteries may be faulty so try to use new ones.
  • Check the battery connectors to ensure that there is no moisture.

If you perform all these and the product still does not function well, please send back the product to the address stated above. 

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