Genuine Lelo Adult Toys for Sale at the lowest prices in Australia

All of the brands we partner with, and have for sale, are the genuine article from the original supplier and are made for the market in Australia only. Please don’t be fooled by a few websites allowing you to buy non-Australian Lelo adult toys online, at very cheap prices — these are not covered by the official Lelo one-year warranty.  Products like these are not authentic and can be unsafe for use. Check the product carefully, to make sure you are buying a genuine Lelo toy, not one that is made outside of Australia by an unauthorised dealer. Buy from a trustworthy representative of the adult toy market — shop with MePlayUPlay Australia.  

Safe and reliable

All of the Lelo toys that have for sale online (as well as other brands like Tickler, Laid, Tenga and Picobong) are all made with safest FDA approved medical grade silicone and ABS core plastics available on the market in Australia today. Our aim to only carry the latest and most advanced technological Lelo toys and other products for sale on the market, is evident with the brands we carry. We believe something so personal should be beautiful in design, form, and feature. When you buy a Lelo adult toy online, you should find pleasure in its touch, not be turned off by hard plastic that is crude, vulgar and uncomfortable. 
Our reputation together with our main partners Lelo, Laid, Tickler, BBT, PB and many more, ensures that all styles and designs are the safest and most reliable on the market today. All Lelo and Picobong toys for sale online at MePlayUPlay are supported with a full, one-year warranty*, so you can buy in confidence. 

Stylish and discreet

Our play accessories are designed for pleasure, and to not only make you feel great, but to also look beautiful. Our range of Lelo adult toys have won many international awards and set the benchmark for the rest of the competing market. Featuring trendy shapes and functions perfect for use with a partner or for going solo, these toys are powered by motors that ensure noise is kept to a minimum. Furthermore, many of our Lelo adult toys are waterproof, so users can enjoy their experience absolutely anywhere (even the pool). 

All of our partner brands are committed to the environment, and create flawless products that protect the environment all the while. Our dedication to making eco-friendly brands for sale online means we’re able to deliver you the highest grade of, eco-friendly products. The various modes on all Lelo toys allow for different levels of stimulation and vibration, conducted through the easy-to-use controls. Whether you’re after a soft tickler or an intense touch, these vibrational functions can be easily altered to fit the experience at hand. 

All Lelo adult toys are RoHs certified, meaning they meet EU's standard for health, safety and the environment as well as being CE-Tested/FDA approved. These products adhere to Australia, Europe and America's legislation against the use of harmful chemicals or materials. When you buy from MePlayUPlay online, you buy only the best products on the market. 

*Conditions applicable to warranty terms.

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