Health Benefits Of A Fulfilling Sex Life.....

Research has shown that many people are still to discover their full potential, either through enjoying heightened levels of intimacy or achieving that much desired or needed orgasm. Interestingly the implications of this  go much further than merely missing out on pleasure. One study noted claims that we should all be having around 200 orgasms annually which is based on the links between frequency and quality of sex as it correlates to overall sensual health and longevity. 

Sensual health is something to treasure and cherish, a natural source of vitality and well being that benefits us all........ 

Natural Pain Relief
Symptoms of ailments like migraines, PMS and arthritis can be relieved due to the release of oxytocin's whilst love making and orgasm, which help with sleep and will also stabilize sleeping patterns.

Improved Appearance
The same endorphins that help to boost intimacy also improve your complexion by helping the skin stay supple and soft, while sexual playtime is a natural calorie burner.

Bolsters The Immune System
Sexual activity helps to increase your body's level of immunoglobbin A which is an enzyme that makes you more resilient to colds, flus and other illnesses.

Strengthened Cardiovascular System
Regular sexual activity and playtime can reduce the risk of heart related diseases by half due to the wide range of hormones released, and an increase in blood flow during build up and climax

More Refreshing Sleep Patterns
The drop in blood pressure and the release of natural sedatives that occurs after having an orgasm often leads to better sleep patterns and better dreams

The Benefits To Your Body's Blood Flow
The improved blood flow and seminal/vaginal fluids to the genitals also increases during sexual playtime, this also carries fresh oxygen to your body and replenish antibacterial properties that improve your resistance to a variety of possible infections

Enhanced Feelings Of Well Being
Endorphins and hormones released during sex or playtime boost your mood and alleviate feelings of depression or heaviness. Furthermore regular playtime with a partner improves intimacy and bonding as well as one's own perception of their own body image.


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